One of the greatest European writers, Alessandro Ferri alias Dado (1975) is characterized by a strong theoretical approach to his expressive means: as can be seen from his written research entitled “ The style according to Dado”, intending Writing both artistic discipline and poetic of the street. His stroke is recognizable for the personal style that he utilizes, labyrinthine geometric solids and sinuous bands intertwined together, of which proportions are based on the harmonious spatial relationship that the golden ratio produces. 
Dado’s style appears deeply “Italian”, with an approach that tends to the rational analysis of the technique: even the virtuosity allow to glimpse a natural tension towards to the introspection of the graphic sign, feature traceable in many Italian art of yesterday and today. (by Fulvio Chimento, curator and art critic)

Dado collaborates as with several and major Italian and as foreign artists as Phase2, Sharp, Loomit, Peeta, Quatre, Cuoghi and Corsello, Joys, Etnik. Presides as speaker at seminars organized in academic field, by the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna to University of Padova - department of History of Contemporary Art, from IUAV University of Venice - department of Design and Visual Arts, from MAMbo - Museum of Modern Art of Bologna to the University of Trento - department of Soci ology. Works with high and middle school, taking lessons on the practical-theoretical writing and street art. Dado since 15 years has been collaborating with the Municipality of Bologna, both contributing personally with urban decoration and organizing events that involve the participation of art critics and national and international writers, seeking to promote writing as a new form of Art in front of the public opinion and the local administrations. Over the years, Dado has exhibited in galleries, museums and public spaces in Italy and abroad. Among the exhibitions are included the following: the Tour 13 in Paris, at the Biennale of Venice, the Art Biennale Nanjiing (China), at the PAC in Milan, La Scala Mercalli in Rome.

Dado collaborates with several art critics, as F.Naldi,C.Musso, and F.Chimento. Works with many companies as UPA ( Union Advertising Associated), Byblos, Fiorucci, Treni Italia, Mare termale Bolognese spa, City of Imola, Calderara, Cles.

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